Saturday, September 27, 2014

OArtTee Blue Nature

OARTTEES are made from 100% premium grade Interlock pre-shrunk cotton
Our interlock cotton material is slightly thicker and heavier than the average and inferior mass produced T-Shirts and weighs between 180 to 190 grams per square metre. The fabric has a nice weight, it is not too heavy and not too light
Interlock cotton knit is a high quality fabric that has two ply knits simultaneously to form one thicker and heavier ply. Unlike the single ply and cheaper Jersey knit, Interlock cotton provides the tightest weave, has the smoothest surface, on both sides of the fabric; and has more natural stretch, greater fabric recovery (the fabric’s ability to bounce back to the original size) and elasticity.
The interlocking threads give a firmer and higher quality fabric that is denser with superior overall qualities. It is also the best and most suitable fabric for very high resolution digital printing as it absorbs and holds the ink well.
The completed OARTTEE is premium quality, luxuriously soft, snugly warm, firm and absorbent. The fabric breathes easily and it is extremely comfortable to wear in all types of weather